Rendez-Vous Gwadloup!

Saint-François Night Market

Hi, This is our first post to our English speaking friends who sometimes decide to get lost in our beautiful French island 😀 :D! Well cheers to you, your courage and curiosity, and welcome to Guadeloupe if you are here with us. No worries there're a few more posts coming up for you, to help… Continue reading Saint-François Night Market

Rendez-Vous Gwadloup!

Gwadloupédia: Denise & her Spiny Lobsters

This week we want to talk to you about Denise and her spiny lobsters. If you come to Guadeloupe Islands and like seafood, you definitely have to try our spiny lobsters. Common names include craw-fish, crayfish, and Florida lobster. If you go snorkling in l'Anse à la Gourde beach. Most likely, if you spot one pair on antennae,… Continue reading Gwadloupédia: Denise & her Spiny Lobsters

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Gwadloupédia: La pomme, on la veut bio.

La pomme cannelle, on en parle? Rien à voir avec la granny smith ou la golden. On ne la croque pas à pleine dent car ses pépins et sa peau l'en empêche, mais plutôt on la fend en 2 et on la déguste délicatement à la p'tite cuillère. On ne sait pas comment les gens font… Continue reading Gwadloupédia: La pomme, on la veut bio.