Rendez-Vous Gwadloup!


Have you always wanted to learn to surf…?

Or only since you watched Point Break in 1991 and then think about becoming someday a great Hairdo-Awesome Surfer? Do you dream about that first moment when you can glide down the waves and yell that you’re Johnny Utah…?

Consider an outdoor adventure at Surf Action surf school with Ben.

You can’t miss him at Le Vieux Port Beach in Saint-Francois with his big CRUNCH 4×4, full of boards 😎 YeAh man!

Ben has over 10 years of teaching experience and is a certified instructor, that will make you feel safe and comfortable. He has taught hundreds of all ages surfing and stand up paddle in English and French.

Want to wow your friends and family back home? He can capture your amazing moves and style on video and preserve the memories of your first ride.

During each lesson, Ben will provide everything from top quality surfboards to sun cream. He usually starts with beginners at Le Vieux Port Beach in Saint-Francois, at 5 min drive from our place, which is a very good spot to start.

When you’ll catch your first wave, you will be ecstatic like… 😎 ! Seriously, it’s challenging but it teaches you patience and you’ll have a blast!

If you want to take your surfing to the next level, Ben is also your man! He provides advance lessons and takes you to various spots in Guadeloupe Islands: Anse a la Bouelle, Le Moule, Anse-Bertrand, Port-Louis, Petit-Havre and so many more, but watch out the reef!!!

Happy Monday everyone 😉


Surf Action surf school: Surf and Stand up Paddle 0690 318 828

2 thoughts on “SURFing-licious!”

  1. Ha! That’s exactly what happened to me. I watched point break in 1991 on a beach trip in Texas. A buddy and I went out right after that and tried surfing and were instantly hooked!

    Thanks for the info about Ben’s operation, he sounds like a great surf instructor for anyone visiting you Guadeloupe.

    1. We are glad to read this!! Yes, “Instantly hooked”… That is the Point break Effect!!
      All types of waves are available in Guadeloupe Islands for all levels, except the Bells Beach Conditions…you still have to go in Australia for this one 😀
      Come and visit us!!
      A bientot

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