Rendez-Vous Gwadloup!

Gwadloupédia: Denise & her Spiny Lobsters

This week we want to talk to you about Denise and her spiny lobsters.

If you come to Guadeloupe Islands and like seafood, you definitely have to try our spiny lobsters.

Common names include craw-fish, crayfish, and Florida lobster. If you go snorkling in l’Anse à la Gourde beach. Most likely, if you spot one pair on antennae, you’ll see more!

Denise is a family friend for years now and she’s from a fisherman family in Saint-Francois.

Whenever we need some lobsters, fresh from the sea, all cooked and everything with a spicy sauce, we call her and she works her magic to get them, depending on the sea mood though.

Well, as our guests,  we want you to enjoy her lobsters as much as we do!

You can also order your spiny’s and get them delivered right at your door for a friendly dinner around the pool during your stay with us.

Denise’s spiny lobster are amazing and can be as funny as their cousins 🙂 !

lobster joke

Happy Monday everyone :)!

Law & Jey

Contact: To prevent her intimacy, contact us by Email for more details.

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