Rendez-Vous Gwadloup!

How to look like a resident and not like a tourist?

You’re about to travel to those French Islands for the first time and you definitely don’t want to look like a tourist? You don’t know how and where to start?

Being a tourist in any place in the world can bother or amuse the local people, for example when you’re lost in translation and stop the traffic to snap a picture, or turn red when you eat a spicy local dish!

No worries and be proud of being a tourist!!

Cause the time has just stopped for you, and only for you, in those beautiful islands for a couple of days.

Here are some tips to avoid being stamped as a tourist and get mixed with Guadeloupe Islands people.


1. Do your homework and learn some French

Get a French App on your phone and if you have some basics in French, learn some creole from this book, Jey tried it for you 🙂 and he’s pretty good!!

You don’t have to be fluent, but learn a few words to ask your way, know the food or greet people. It will be definitely appreciated by the locals.

2. Get rid of your map


As explained in our previous post in French (that you should be able to read if you’ve done your homework 😉 ), prepare your itinerary the day before, don’t dive in your map, but look at the road instead.

It’s ok if you take a moment to snap tropical flowers of our crystal water beaches. However if you stop anywhere on those one-lane roads of the islands, you have a good chance to get honked!

Make sure to park somewhere safe, wherever you want to stop.

HERE is an iphone/ipad App you can try if you don’t want to open your map everywhere.

3. Respect local customs

There is no really specific do’s and don’t, different than the one you will find in France.

However be aware that there is an old but tense slavery history past here, that explains some behaviors between black and white people.

What you should know about Guadeloupe islands people is that they will often look cold at the first contact, but when you’ll broke the ice, they would be OVER-welcoming and open to show you their islands.

The tip here is to behave with locals as normal as you are used to and everything will be just fine.

4. Taste the local food

Most of the food will be Caribbean classic recipes with a touch of French taste. By testing the different fruits, flavors and spices instead of your favorite fish and ships, you will save money, discover new tastes and help the local market.

Make sure to check if the food is spicy because even the slightest it could be, it will save you some funny looks. You can ask to put the chili aside if you really wanna try.

5. Forget your standards during your stay

When you’ll get one foot on Guadeloupe Islands you will have to SLOW DOWN.

Any visitor that came here will confirm that to you, people takes time to leave, even when we speak you”ll fill like the tape has been slowed down. Well, don’t be impatient when you’ll see a guy stopping his car in the middle of the only road on your way ,just to say hi to a friend across the street. Pull out the brake,  get used to it and again enjoy your stay.

6. Get the Guadeloupe Islands all year-long chic summer style

Even if you haven’t been on beach holidays for a while, don’t bring those old-fashioned swimsuit or beach shoes :D!

Also forget about those Madras fabric clothes (red, yellow, green color fabric), the straw hat, or the braids made on the beach (except for the kids, that’s very cute).

That’s the best way to say, hell yeah I’m proud to be a tourist !

Hey, have a look around you, people are not always in flip-flop and shorts here!! You will notice that most of the people are very summer trendy with an influence from France mode, but also from the US style.

So Ladies (and gents) pull out your nice summer outfit after the beach when it’s cooler, or get some tips on our Pinterest if you need some inspiration.

Enjoy your stay!

Law & Jey

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