Rendez-Vous Gwadloup!

Rum: which one to peak?


When you will visit us, one of the questions you gonna ask yourself when it will be time to go back home is actually which nice souvenir  can I peak?

Among all local stuff you will be able to find on markets and shops, sugar, spices, madras fabric cooking apron (which is very cliché by the way ,but it’s up to you) , Kwis (we’ll come back on that one later), Rum is the one you should and you will most probably peak.

Here is what we recommend:

White Rum

  • Bielle from Marie-Galante: the BEST with its numerous awards (MG is a MUST SEEN Guadeloupe islands, it’lovely!)
  • Damoiseau from Moule Distillerie, it’s close to our place
  • Bologne from Baillif in Basse-Terre

Liquors, spirits, amber and aged Rums

  • Bielle from Marie-Galante: they have different flavor ”mignonettes”(small bottles easy to pack & travel)
  • Damoiseau from Moule Distillerie

You can get them at good prices if you buy them in the distilleries (a bit more expensive in the supermarkets) or in the duty free at the airport when you leave.

This article is exclusively reserved to person of legal drinking age.

Here are the links to the distillery websites:
Bielle (Marie-Galante  – Capesterre)
Damoiseau (Le Moule)
Bologne (Ballif)

1 thought on “Rum: which one to peak?”

  1. à consommer avec modération!! si ou pran la goutt pa pran la routt!!! bisou

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